Our philosophy


We believe in a diverse service where we value the individuality of each child and their family’s culture, language, abilities, and experiences.

We also acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Tharawal people and Torres Strait Islander people within the community.


We believe the children should feel a strong sense of being, belonging and becoming when at NCCC as we focus on our support tree including the children, families, educators, and community.


We believe that we are there to provide support and educate the children to thrive and develop into active members of society as they develop a passion for lifelong learning and fun.

We believe that through collaborative connections within the community we are able to create building blocks for the children to succeed in all aspects of their development. It also enables the children to appreciate and feel supported by the wider community around them.


We believe that children learn to respect and appreciate the natural environment as we teach the children ways in which they can be eco-warriors to protect the earth in which they live.


We believe learning through play is essential in the child’s development as they grow and blossom, whilst finding themselves.

We believe the importance of the child’s education as all educators strive for excellence in their day to day practice. 

We recognise that each individual educator is on their own learning journey and are committed to support one another through reflective practice.


We believe that all children need stability and nurturing throughout their whole lives especially in their early years which is why we take pride in our home-like environment.

Teacher and Kids in Library